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    Daily Greens Gummies
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    • DELICIOUS TASTE: Using only natural ingredients to sweeten our products, we guarantee your kid will love the EasyPeasyGreens Greens gummies. We’ve made sure they taste just like a treat, because that’s what they are! We’re so sure your kid will love them that we guarantee it, or your money back.
    • PACKED WITH ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS: Natural ingredients help with energy, focus and immunity. You’ll get your daily dose Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc for immune health. Each gummy is also infused with Vitamin B12 and Green Tea Extract for energy. You’ll be giving your cells and body fuel to deal with daily stress and demands.
    • PLANT BASED: You deserve the best products that don’t harm the environment. We believe in high quality supplements and sustainable practices. That’s why all of our ingredients are derived from ethically grown and harvested plants. We refuse to use cheap fillers that your body struggles to digest. You’ll only get the purest whole foods in all of our formulas.
    • NON-GMO and GLUTEN-FREE: Our product isn’t like the other brands because we source our ingredients from the highest quality providers. We ensure high farming standards for each of the nutrients that make it into your gummies. Whether you suffer from allergies or chemical sensitives, you can feel safe knowing we don’t allow any GMOs or Gluten into our supplements